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Glassware & Bar Supplies

Your beverage operation should be run like a tight ship, from pour to presentation. Bartenders and servers need the right tools to open, pour, mix and serve cocktails, wine and drinks efficiently and the right glassware shows your customers your professionalism and care. We stock a wide range of glassware that brings together style and function, and to keep your beverage operation running smoothly we carry all the bar supplies you need to keep bar counters and floors clean and spill-free and glassware safe from unnecessary breaks, even on the busiest of nights.

If there’s one thing your bar or restaurant needs plenty of, it’s glassware and bar supplies. They don’t tend to last long, do they? When you shop Nisbets USA, you can buy restaurant glassware wholesale. Keep your bar or restaurant operating smoothly — without breaking the bank!

We stock a full range of bar glasses and glassware at wholesale prices from trusted manufacturers like Olympia and Libbey. We’ve got the glassware your bar or restaurant needs, from wine glasses to cocktail glasses, shot glasses and decanters, beer glasses, tumblers, hi balls and coffee glasses.

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Our bar glassware is sturdy, chip-resistant and dishwasher safe, and most of the glasses are available in a selection of sizes. Plus, when you buy your bar glasses wholesale from us, you’ll always have a full supply for those extra busy nights.

Need something more durable than glass? Shop our polycarbonate and acrylic plastic pitchers, tumblers and jugs from makers like Kristallon, APS and Araven.

Your bar or restaurant needs commercial bar accessories. Get wholesale prices on everything from non-slip bar mats and speed rails to glassware racks, bottle chillers and bill spikes. At Nisbets USA, we offer same-day shipping on all orders placed before 5 p.m. EST.
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Bar Supplies

Bar Supplies

For an incredible choice of bar supplies and bar equipment, our range of bartender tools, which includes every bottle opener, cocktail shaker, corkscrew, bar mats and bar towels to help you run the best bar in town.



Whatever the occasion, we have the perfect glasses to suit. From wine glasses and champagne glasses to hi balls and tumblers, beer glasses and coffee glasses to plastic glasses, you will find glasses to fit the bill.